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Free Shipping

You are entitled to Free Shipping if you order more than US$400.

If you only want to order smaller number of items less than US$400, you are also welcome to do so and we charge one-time shipping and handling fee (which means the fee won’t accumulate whether you buy 1 piece or 10 pieces).

We offer two types of shipping methods, Standard or Expedited.

Standard: 12 – 22 working days.

Expedited: 7- 15 working days.

Please note that:

1. Free Shipping for order over US$400 only refers to “Standard” shipping method.

2. Due to Covid 19, your order may be delayed a few days depending where it is shipped from or shipped to.

Please remember that our shipping time should only be used as a reference, and the delivery time shall prevail.
Although we will minimize potential delays, Zoomhoot is not responsible for customs clearance delays or payment approval failures.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are happy to resolve any questions or concerns for you.

Why Free Shipping to Wholesale Buyers?

Zoomhoot does not make profit from buying and selling the clothes. We only charge a small percentage of handling and
shipping fees. That’s why we make our items much cheaper than other platforms.

If you buy more from us, this saves us labor on management and handling your orders. We would like to give back to you the savings by offering the Free Shipping.

How Do I Check The Status Of My Order?

When your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number you can use to check its status. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.

If you haven’t received your order within 7 days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at client manager at with your name and order number, and we will look up for you.